Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some Things to Like about Shaw

Sometimes we get so caught up in neighborhood problems, that we forget to note the really nice things that just happen around here. Here are a few from this weekend:

Saturday morning at the Catania Bakery: I love going over there to get fresh croissants (the best in the city, IMHO) and some of that great, crusty, dense Italian bread. (Four large croissants and a loaf of bread for $5.30!) I generally pass up the pastries, though they are also terrific and I can recommend them as well. You need to go pretty early, though, because they often sell out well before noon. Yesterday, I ran into In Shaw blogger Mari, who is also a regular customer, while I was making my purchase. The bakery is like a trip back in time--I kind of miss the old mechanical cash register that they recently replaced with an electric one. And have the correct change handy if possible. (N. Capitol Street between P and O.)

Good Libations' capoeira show: Ronny Green got a good crowd for this yesterday afternoon--I'd say at least 40-50 people were there. The samba warm-up featuring three well-endowed lady sambistas was also well-received, and they even enticed a few brave souls to join them on stage. The capoeira was very good with the percussion and sung accompaniment--no audience participation on that, thank goodness--a concussion would have been a definite downer. It was a lot of fun, and something you don't see every day in DC. I hope he sold a lot of PitĂș.

The X event at BeBar: Sort of an updated 60's light show (we used to do it without computers!) combined with performance art and other stuff. Can't say it was exactly the promised "sensory overload" (though another one of those pear vodka and tonics might have done the trick), but it was interesting and different and a cool backdrop for hanging out with friends. This event drew a somewhat different (i.e., less overwhelmingly gay) crowd than the normal BeBar clientele. It's great that they're hosting events like this.

Bloomingdale Sunday Farmers Market: I got there right at the 10:00 opening time and there was already a good crowd. I counted about eight vendor stalls, selling everything from strawberries and cherries (from PA) to fresh flowers to organic lamb to specialty wine vinegars. I came away with strawberries, cherries, radicchio, baby red onions, fresh basil and lemon thyme (the latter from our own 7th Street Garden, no less), squash, and a mixed flower bouquet. (No field-grown tomatoes, yet, unfortunately.) Everybody seemed to be delighted to have the market, so it was a real upper. Also the Big Bear Cafe has opened next door. I didn't have time to linger but walked through it and really liked the vibe. They sell coffees, teas, pastries, etc. and have a really pleasant space to enjoy it in. I plan to go back when less rushed. Maybe it's not technically in Shaw, but I think it's wonderful to have this in the neighborhood, and kudos to whoever got this to happen. (1st and R, NW, every Sunday from 10 - 2)


At 6/17/2007 3:02 PM, Anonymous Sam Farmer said...

I liked the event at Good Libations, especially the local dancers from Capoeira DC who I thought where more entertaining than the samba dancers. Ron, the owner, is really trying to make this a liquor store for the whole community.

At 6/17/2007 7:29 PM, Anonymous ess said...

So when's dinner?

At 6/18/2007 8:53 AM, Anonymous rr446 said...

don't forget The Queen of Sheba is open for BLD on 9th St.


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