Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hearings on O Street Market

I came across a note in the Bladgen Alley/Naylor Court site saying there were hearings coming up regarding the deterioration of the O Street Market building and the owner’s protest of an $8,000 fine.

The DC Office of Planning told me today that there are actually two hearings scheduled. According to Mr. Hubert Johnson, the Board of Condemnation and Unsanitary Buildings is meeting at 11:15 on Sept. 13th, to address the property's condition. The location is 941 N. Capitol St, NE, Room 7000. This is open to the public, whose input is welcome either in person or in writing (can be sent by FAX at 442-4332).

The other hearing is scheduled for Oct. 10th at 10:30am with the Office of Administrative Hearings, 825 North Capitol Street, N.E., Suite 4150. This hearing is to address the fines that have been issued to the property for non-compliance (with what, I’m not sure).

All this is interesting in view of the recent reports that plans by Roadside (owner of the property) and Giant to renovate the market and build new retail space on the block were finally going to move ahead. What’s left of the old market building is indeed in pretty sad shape. I’d love to know what’s really going on with all this.


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