Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wings of Righteousness

Since moving from Clarendon, I’ve been looking for a source of really good and inexpensive carry-out to substitute for those wonderful roast chickens from Pollo Rico. (We still scoot over to Arlington once in a while for a fix.) So far, the best deal I’ve found is at Dan the Man’s Teriyaki and Subs at 1936 9th Street (just south of U).

I haven’t tried the subs or everything on the menu, but can definitely recommend the spicy chicken wings , teriyaki chicken, and ribs. All of these are more Korean than Japanese in flavor and deliver a nice slow burn. The wings are a great buy at $8.99 for 14 pieces—have lots of napkins handy. They come accompanied by rice and stir-fried veggies (good) or fries (which seems like a bad idea—haven’t tried that).

The owner, Daniel Jung, is originally from New York and runs the restaurant with his wife Deni. The place is pretty spartan and, frankly, not all that inviting for eating on premises, but you can make your order over the phone (202-797-0090) and they’ll have it ready by the time you get there. They also offer free delivery.


At 8/18/2006 6:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been surprised at how good the chinese is from China Dragon at 11th and P. Seriously good fried dumplings. I have not had the chicken wings, but their orange chicken is damn good as well. Just a thought.

At 8/18/2006 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan The Man's Bulgogi and kimchee are great too! Just don't plan on having a romantic evening after the garlic-heaby kimchee though ;-)
/Rob aka TruxtonResident

At 8/18/2006 8:36 PM, Blogger Truxtonian said...

Dan the Man's is great, I frequent there. Also don't forget the often talked about Thai Xing on FL Ave for carryout. That's my vote for best in our area.

At 8/18/2006 9:17 PM, Blogger si said...

dan the man's kimchee is pretty bad (and you have to ask for it), but the yaki soba is very good. decent low price subs too. I'm spoiled by annadale.


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