Saturday, February 24, 2007

Howard Theatre

I was watching Channel 4 news this morning and saw a nice segment on the Howard Theatre project, featuring our neighbor Lillian Gordon. She recounted her younger days as a chorus girl at the theatre, which then was perhaps the most prominent venue for African-American entertainers. Ms. Gordon demonstrated that she still has some moves. You go, girl! (Haven't found the video on line, maybe it's not up yet.)

The program on the Howard Theatre project is this afternoon (Sat., 2/25) at 3:00 at the old Carnegie Library/City Museum.


At 2/24/2007 8:30 AM, Blogger richard said...

OMG that was fabulous! for some reason i had the news on and caught that! LOL. she's great and a nice lady.

At 2/25/2007 12:18 PM, Blogger si said...

her speech on chapple website:


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