Friday, February 09, 2007

Chief Lanier Talks to Loganites

In case you missed it, DCist posted an account of what MPD Chief-designate Lanier told the February meeting of Logan Circle neighbors. What she said should be of interest to us too.

If ANC2F can get the Chief to show up, why couldn't ANC2C? After all, our area has all the bang-bang going on. Or would that require some initiative on the Chairman's part? And maybe a more cooperative attitude toward the MPD?


At 2/09/2007 8:07 AM, Blogger Ray said...

We are the dysfunctional pariah ANC at the remote edge of Eurocentric Ward 2, that's why.

At 2/10/2007 1:03 PM, Blogger matthewrhoades said...

Re: Chief Lanier's comments at ANC 2F Meeting on February 7

I live on the border of Dupont Circle and Logan Circle neighborhoods.

A neighbor who attended the Wednesday night meeting said Chief Lanier referred to some sort of "volunteer program" where D.C. residents can do paperwork at the police station -- allowing more police officers to go out on the street.

Excuse me?

First, D.C. taxes are very high--which would be okay if we actually got something for them. Second, there are 34,000 city employees: did it ever occur to anyone to reassign some of them to support the MPD?

Nothing against Chief Lanier -- she inherits a mess. But, I find this volunteer program outrageous, almost obscene.

Are D.C. residents ever going to start demanding something from their city government?

Does anyone else know about this "volunteer program?"

-- Matt

At 2/14/2007 1:05 PM, Anonymous ed said...

I can't believe Cheif Lanier wants more cops! We already have the highest number of cops per capita in the US. We have about 6 per 1000. Next highest is NYC with about 4 per 1000. I asked her about police complaints. The most active officers recieve the most complaints while underperforming officers recieve few complaints because they are not making arrests. Most complaints are bogus (92% nationally). Yet officers are often punished for administrative errors even when the complaints are unfounded. Our best officers are leaving for places where they will be supported for doing their job. We are left with the useless cops. She seemed to think that the process did not serve the officers well but she did not address the problem of underperforming cops.


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