Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ANC Meeting Tonight

Well, this meeting was certainly unusual. I'm sure there will be video soon, but here's my quick summary.

Things were a little late getting started because Barbara Curtis wasn't there, but Chair Brooks and the Parliamentarian finally started the meeting anyway. The treasurer's report was approved, then Brooks make a motion to approve the September minutes. Padro amended to approve them with corrections; he and Chapple voted aye and Brooks initially voted nay, then with a little nudging from the Parliamentarian, changed her vote. Then, about 6:45, she bolted from the room, hands to mouth, appearing to be sick. A few minutes later, she returned briefly, closed the meeting, and left the building with the Parliamentarian.

This left all the would-be presenters high and dry, so Padro offered to chair a continued unofficial meeting. First to speak was Carole Mumin (I believe the name is right), the president of OFT/ON (Organization for Training Others in Need), who was there to respond to the citation by the DC Auditor of failure to provide proper receipts for an ANC grant to her organization. (That aspect of the report had escaped my notice, I must admit.) She said she had mistakenly submitted the wrong receipts to the auditor and was prepared to present a package of the correct ones to the ANC (which she couldn't officially do because the meeting had been adjourned). She expressed hurt and indignation over the charge, citing the good work the organization had done, and had several graduates of the program there to speak about how they had benefitted from it.
(I was unaware of the organization previously, but it sounds like they do some worthy things.) She chided Chapple for making unproven allegations in his newsletter, and he responded that he had merely quoted the Auditor's report. Then there was some discussion about the ECCA computers not being in public locations. One suggestion (a good one, I think) was to place the computers in the Scott Montgomery School. Some of this got a little emotional, but nothing like the degree we've seen in other meetings, and it was all on a pretty civil level--at least for our benighted ANC.

Then there was a presentation on the proposed high rise rental apartment building in the 400 block of NY Avenue, just west of the Yale Laundry building. The project has concept approval from Historic Review, but will need some zoning variations. There were concerns expressed about height and shadows and whether there would be any "affordable housing" included (answer: none planned), and then it got sort of dragged into the weeds about aesthetic issues. More to come on this.

Mark Bjorge (pronounced Bee-Your_Gee) introduced himself as the new Ward 2 Neighborhood Services Coordinator (replacing Sean Howard). He can be reached at or at 202-442-8151.

Louella Johnson who works with supervising people out of jail on probation, made a plea for mentors. I believe she said that mentors should be "members of a church"--not sure why that should be a requirement. I'm afraid I missed the contact information.

Then there was a presentation by one of the proposals for Parcel 42. This proposal would be a building that could be built "by right" (i.e., not requiring any zoning variance), and would consist of retail on the ground floor and all "affordable housing" for the rental units, whose maximum rents would range from around $900 to $1200 (if I heard that right). Hmm, I wonder if that's such a great idea; I think a mixed affordable/market project would be preferable.

That was pretty much it. A visitor from the other side of NJ Avenue remarked that we're "mean" over here (compared to the apparent lovefest ANC meetings over there). I just laughed and said, "honey, this was nothing."


At 10/03/2007 9:00 PM, Blogger Mari said...

Well knowing that it was without 2 dissenting members who knows how the negativity would have flowed.
I have such a delicate nature.... where are my smelling salts?

At 10/04/2007 3:53 AM, Anonymous el v said...

Bring your smelling salts to an ECCA meeting if you need a dose of real negativity.

After MT left the ANC2C meeting, he was seen on Q St between 4th & 5th street ranting like a l_n_t_c: "Crime is up, we need a new ANC Commissioner!" MT

How about we need a new ANC Chair who's not a lying itch.

At 10/04/2007 4:19 AM, Blogger IMGoph said...

might as well throw this out there, but is it possible that the chair closed the meeting because she would be guaranteed to be outvoted by padro and chapple on any motion?

At 10/04/2007 7:09 AM, Anonymous rr 446 said...

the 'best' meeting was at the Watha Library when the riot police had to be called. LOL

At 10/04/2007 1:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the same initial reaction that maybe the sickness was faked because LT realized they might lose votes 2 to 1 instead of the usual 2-2 tie with the Chair's vote deciding the outcome.

I don't know the rules at that level of detail. Would that have been the case? Was there anything up for a vote that would have caused them to want to avoid a vote occuring last night?

At 10/05/2007 5:28 AM, Blogger si said...

3 Commissioners are required for a quorum to conduct business. In the case of a 2-2 vote, the measure fails.

I hope Commissioner Brooks is feeling better.

At 10/05/2007 8:28 AM, Blogger Gee said...

Louella Johnson who works with supervising people out of jail on probation, made a plea for mentors. I believe she said that mentors should be "members of a church"

Daddy 5-O, could you possibly clarify -- did Ms. Johnson indicate that she holds some sort of public office, or is she part of a private organization? If the former, and you heard right, her statement could be constitutionally problematic. Just wondering.

At 10/06/2007 8:10 PM, Anonymous ess said...

Luella Johnson is a Community Relations Specialist for the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for DC.
They run a number of programs, one of which is a Faith Based Initiative.
She can be contacted at
What is a "l_n_t_c"?

At 10/09/2007 6:54 PM, Anonymous zddd3 said...

Oooo. Mentoring for convicts. Sounds like a safe opportunity!

Are bullet proof vests provided?


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