Sunday, September 03, 2006

Meeting the ANC Challengers

I finally got to meet Kevin Chapple, who is running for the ANC2C02 seat currently held by Leroy Thorpe, at John Tinpe’s reception on Friday. He also dropped by the house during his rounds knocking on neighborhood doors on Saturday afternoon.

Kevin is a very sharp and very nice guy, and I like the fact that he’s starting out by asking what residents are concerned about in the ANC rather than pushing an agenda from the outset. Any plans for a meet-and-greet soon, Kevin?

I told him that one thing I would like to see is an end to all the fighting and invective and more focus on cooperating to reach common goals. Too often it seems that ideas that are of clear benefit to the community become casualties of ego-driven pettiness. Right now, the atmosphere in the ANC meetings is so toxic that a lot of residents don’t want to subject themselves to it. Obviously, crime is a big issue, but it’s not the only thing.

John Tinpe had a nice gathering on Friday to talk about his run for the seat currently held by Doris Brooks. He’s trying to mobilize residents of Penn Quarter and Gallery Place, who apparently feel neglected and unrepresented in the ANC. (There’s a post on this in the Gallery Place Living blog.) As noted previously, he’s an owner of the Burma Restaurant on 6th Street (between G and H) and served food from the restaurant at his reception. (Yum!)


At 9/03/2006 11:43 PM, Blogger retracsemaj said...

I applaud Leroy Thorpe for putting forth his best effort over the years. Unfortunately, Leroy Thorpe's best effort is inadequate for Shaw and the ANC2C02 single member district.

Leroy's approach to crime is reactionary at best. Once something happens he barks at police for not doing their job. I agree that police should be held accountable, but I also believe in preventive approaches that focus on the systemic causes of crime. What has Leroy done to ensure affordable housing projects? What has Leroy done to improve the appearance of our neighborhood? Selectively use ANC funds to put tree boxes outside the houses of supporters. How does Leroy help Shaw residents get jobs?

He single handidly crippled the efforts to ensure a true community benefit agreement during the construction of the convention center. He has testified before city council against efforts for affordable housing lobbied to be included in the Radio One project.

Simply put, whenever a good idea is not Leroy's, he objects to it carte blanche because he did not come up with it. He is not a consensus builder. He does not listen to all of his constituents.

We deserve better representation. We deserve a commissioner who is not anti-White, not anti-American, not homophobic...Leroy Thorpe has proven time and time again that he is not that person.

Unlike the unopposed election in 2004, we have a choice. Have courage, put aside your apathy and join me in not re-electing Leroy Thorpe on Tuesday, November 7th.


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