Monday, November 03, 2008

Another Local Election to Think About

I've already spouted off about the ANC2C races, but there's another local election that deserves some attention too--maybe more.

That's the one for DC council member at large. You get to vote for two candidates for this race. Kwame Brown is probably a lock. But the other one isn't. There are six candidates on the ballot, but basically, it's between Michael Brown, Patrick Mara (the Republican who upset Carol Schwartz in the primary), and Carol Schwartz (running as a write-in).

Mari of In Shaw has already weighed in about Michael Brown and why she can't stand him, and she makes a good case. Then there was a very interesting article by Colbert King in the WaPo a couple of days ago, that really lays out what's at stake here.

I think the biggest thing is that Michael Brown will likely try to sabotage Michelle Rhee's program to reform the DC public schools. I don't know if Rhee will succeed, but finally there's someone with the vision and drive to make real changes, and if this chance is lost then it's probably beyond fixing.

Then there's the fact that M. Brown is endorsed by Marion Barry, which alone is enough to vote against him in my book.

So now I'm trying to overcome my gag response and vote for a Republican--just having a hard time deciding between Mara (endorsed by the Post) and Carol.

Okay, one more time on the ANC:

Please vote for Alexander Padro (ANC2C01), Kevin Chapple (ANC2C02), Jessica Lanza (ANC2C03), or Theresa Sule (ANC2C04). If you want to know why I think this way, look here.



At 11/04/2008 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's a toss up and your trying not to toss your lunch or dinner, consider that Mara is cuter than Schwartz. Way cuter. Very way cuter.
- Arthur


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