Friday, July 28, 2006

Something Happening with O Street Market?

A neighbor sent me the following:

“Per Madison Retail things look very good for the O Street Marketplace. Old market will become new Giant with underground parking. Current Giant will be razed and a tower will be built with 75-80% market rate condos (20-25% affordable). In front of the tower will be row houses - you won't be able to see the tower unless you're across the street. There will be some small commercial spaces but mainly 2000sqft spaces so probably not too much chain, rather local businesses. They plan to lock all plans and permits next year and break ground early 2008, finishing 18 months later.” [The info comes from Boris Miric, commercial real estate agent,]

According to (a commercial real estate site) July 11, 2006:

“Roadside Development, the same developer that delivered 4500 Wisconsin Ave.--a high-end, urban mixed-use project in the heart of Tenley Town--has hopes that it will receive approval for a similar project on O Street NW from the Historic Preservation Review Board by the end of the year. The plan is valued at roughly $180 million. The Wisconsin mix-use project, which encompassed 88,000 sf of retail and 216,000 sf of condo developments, also included a historic retail building that Roadside Development incorporated into the retail landspace.”

I’m wondering if something is finally happening with this project. There is room for some skepticism, since there were similar optimistic pronouncements being issued four years ago. The Historic Preservation Review Board did not like an earlier plan, and then the roof of the historic O Street Market building collapsed during a heavy snowstorm in 2003, leaving the shell that remains today. Maybe something to ask about at the next ANC meeting.

Check out Roadside Development’s site on the O Street Market.


At 8/28/2006 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot the whinners in the ANC and Shaw Main Streets who will mau-mau the developers and the city for "affordable housing" in the effort to obstruct any development on the site that doesn't get their rings kissed first.


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